Shopping for workwear definitely isn’t easy. With so many different factors to consider, and a whole range of options to choose from, you’ll probably spend more time than you’d like stuck deciding what to get. 

Well, we’re here to help. As Intended presents the Enva and Vera tops under our #getoffyourasscollection, which are the epitome of workleisure clothing! As you read on, you can learn all about what our different pieces have to offer and make the right choice when shopping. 


The Enva Top in Cream ($109)

Made with the #getoffyourass Butter Skin Fabric which features a four-way-stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities, the Enva top is a lovely piece that subtly accentuates your look. Available in cream and black, it’s also designed with overlapping back panels that move easily with you, granting you freedom and mobility with its relaxed-fit, but can also be worn back-to-front. Additionally, the Enva top is extremely breathable, with a cutting that’s both petite and tummy-friendly. 

As the Enva top is elegantly minimal, it can pull off both a casual and smart look depending on how you wear it, making it a perfect option for both the office and the weekend. So if you’re somebody who likes to have a good mix of work and play, or wants to stay comfortable while on the go, this versatile piece is definitely for you! 

While the Enva top can definitely match with anything in your wardrobe, we especially love how it looks with the #getoffyourass collection’s Inea Pants. With its sleek and stylish design, the Inea Pants go perfectly well with the Enva top and can make for the perfect outfit for a day at the office or a night out with friends. What’s more, the Inea Pants are designed with a linear mesh strip down the side, which aids in keeping you in ventilated comfort throughout the day. With this pair, you’ll know what it means to experience true freedom and breathability. 


The Vera Top in Black ($109)

The Vera top is made with #getoffyourass Satin Skin, a luxuriously stretchy technical fabric with a four-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties that helps to speed sweat away from the body. Similar to the Enva top, you’ll fine this piece is very breathable and versatile, coming in cream and black. However, the Vera top boasts a breathable mesh paneling at the back which can help you to keep cool, along with a quaint wrap design that’s simple yet classy.

The Vera top is more suitable if you’re somebody who loves to workout, but can’t find the time to do so. Thanks to its mesh paneling and design, it can double as both workwear and gym attire, saving you the hassle of changing. As such, you can incorporate even the most intense workouts into your busy work schedule, and save yourself the worry about wasting precious time.

In fact, the Vera top’s versatility doesn’t stop there. It’s also extremely flexible style-wise, giving you the freedom to express yourself while remaining fashionable and trendy. Our favourite piece to make this outfit complete is the Soph Skirt. With both pieces being wrap-style, they make for the perfect pair! Plus, the soph skirt has an added bonus of increased mobility, so you can get around easier than ever before! 

Now that you know all about our two stylish and multifaceted tops, you can have a better idea of which top is more suited for your preferences and lifestyle. For more on our amazing #getoffyourass collection, check out this article for our staple pieces that you're sure to love!