Claire Jedrek is a fast-paced multi-hyphenate being Singapore’s only professional female car racer, serial entrepreneur, TV presenter and Live Host for Motorsport, Sports and Fitness. Her entrepreneur endeavours include The Film Dispensary - a marketing and media company with its latest project on Robotics and AI. She was previously the owner of The Karting Arena. Outside of work, she is mother to two toddlers and has many athletic pursuits such as road cycling, mountain biking and tennis. Claire shares with us how motorsports has trained her to be a leader, and that being selfish and organised with her time has allowed her to be fully present, and a better person.


It is a misconception that women are too emotional to be leaders. My years participating in motorsport and playing sports has taught me that one can always train oneself to make decisions based on data and facts. I also believe that women should not discount their intuitions that can be helpful in making decisions. 

I shared about the invaluable lessons motorsport had taught me at TED-X edition for PnG. These are the same lessons that I live by: (1) Always speak up and ask, because if you don't ask, you will never receive (2) Sometimes in life, you have to go slower to go faster. You can't always control the factors around you, but you can control what you do. (3) Communication is everything, and lastly, (4) always panic slowly.

A challenge I faced when switching careers and upgrading my skills were the considerable amount of resistance, white noise and doubt. I encounter negative beliefs from others which are a reflection of their fears, not mine. I learnt from my mentors that failure doesn't mean the end of someone or their journey, but instead it is a necessary rite of passage on one's journey. I successfully evolved my career over the years and learnt that we don’t always have to follow another person's ‘proven’ formula. Sometimes we need to just believe in ourselves and carve our own path. 

My biggest mentor and fan has been my husband. He wasn't from the world of social media, but he always thinks out of the box and manages to achieve what others deem impossible. This gave me the confidence to take a leap of faith and pursue my ambitions. He was that one clear voice piercing through the cloak of white noise and negativity, and told me to keep running in one direction even when the situation is uncertain.


Balancing my career and personal life is a weekly ongoing thing. I work on it every single week to make sure I have enough time for my kids, and still set time aside to be 100% present for work or training (cycling, running, gym, tennis etc). Getting rid of procrastination and staying organised helps.

Working out and playing sports is my form of meditation and self-care. I never look at my phone and I get to spend needed time with my husband and friends. I'm selfish with my time for the right reasons which allows me to be more present, and hence be able to become a better friend, wife, daughter and mother. 

Photos c/o Claire Jedrek (first two photos) and #SGLOVELOCAL Crib Society X Makers Inc. Studio (last two photos)

*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

This series is part of our International Women's Day piece where we catch up with amazing GOYA women to share about their career stories, challenges and advice for anyone developing their careers. 

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