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Our Fabric

Stretch Your Limits.
— No more awkward splits —

F O U R   W A Y   S T R E T C H


Four-way stretch is the ability to stretch and recover both width and lengthwise. A small proportion of elastane gives a right amount of flexibility to the clothing, bringing you an entirely new experience of utmost comfort and wearability.


All-Day Dry Comfort.
— Quicker evaporation —

M O I S T U R E   W I C K I N G



Moisture-wicking is the passing of moisture from the body to the surface of the fabric like a baton. Due to its intricate weaving and special treatment of the fabric,  it makes evaporation a lot easier as compared to natural fabrics like cotton which retains the moisture instead.


Feel The Breeze.
— Incredibly breathable —

T H E   G O Y A   F A B R I C




Our choice of fabric was simple. We want every women to have the lush experience when they put on our clothing for the first time. To always remember the definition of premium comfort when they feel how soft and smooth our fabric is and to enjoy breathability and movability throughout their day.