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Our Process

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to wear their favourite comfortable yoga pants to the office? What if someone were to tell you that you don’t have to wear that stiff blazer or non-stretch skirt any longer?

We conducted a survey for women in the workplace and a focus group discussion to make sure we understood the needs of the professional modern woman and the limitations they face from their wardrobe.

The next step is the exciting one, we worked closely with a local fashion designer who specialises in womenswear with an expertise in sportswear. On top of that, she graduated from the top-ranking fashion school in the world, Central Saint Martins.

We took inspiration from the comforts of athleisure and the technical properties of gymwear fabric, redesigned into elegant silhouettes made for the workplace. Bringing to you a new range of clothing known as —

// Workleisure. 


Sourcing for the perfect fabric miller is the next crucial step. We made sure the technical fabrics are tested, proven and assured before beginning the fabrication process. Our founder, Sabrina, even went the extra mile to test out the stretchability and wearability at the gym!

— "You don't have to wear that stiff blazer or non-stretch skirt any longer."

We want women to enjoy our unique clothing designs which are unable to be found anywhere else in the local market. Above all, we want to encourage conscious consumption, with our intention in keeping our designs classic so that they will never be out of style. This also gives women the space to express themselves through effortless matching with their other favourite wardrobe pieces, easily nominating GOYA's workwear to be a next wardrobe essential.

Workwear in technical fabric might sound like a handful when you think about the laundry process. Fret not, our clothing are machine washable and made for easy care.

So there we have it. Knowing how freedom and workwear are so important to the modern woman and that is why GOYA is here to redefine workwear technically for women who love their freedom.