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Our Story


It all began with Sabrina, founder of GOYA, who is an avid gym-goer and fitness enthusiast. At one point in time, Sabrina started out in the workforce just like any other fresh graduate. Vividly remembering her first day of work in her dreadful uncomfortable work clothes.

Sabrina's favourite choice of clothing is no doubt, comfortable gym wear ever since her university days. But soon, she started to realised that the conventional workwear she has to wear on a day-to-day basis is nowhere near the comforts of her favourite sleek gym attire.

Her professional wardrobe consisted of two categories, cubicle clothes and presentation clothes. Cubicle clothes were perfect for long hours behind the desk, comfortable to be in while running errands but way too simple-looking. Presentation clothes were great for pulling off the power image but at the expense of feeling uncomfortable in all other areas beneath the elegant facade. It became clear to Sabrina that there was always a sacrifice to be made. An outfit was either stylish but uncomfortable, or comfortable but aesthetically bland.

It was a discouraging personal experience for Sabrina and there wasn't any in-between options available as well. All the more so if gym is a part of your routine like Sabrina, finding difficulty in changing in and out of clothes before and after her workouts. She even thought that it was just her being fussy, until she began to ask the women around who revealed their issues with their own workwear too.

— "An outfit was either stylish but uncomfortable, or comfortable but aesthetically bland."


Stories of awkward splitting of dresses and skirts while boarding onto the bus. Walking slower with smaller steps because of a non-stretch skirt. These limitations to the daily lives of fellow women goes against the very nature of how we are born to move. Especially for the busy professional women who have to run errands and move around a lot. Propelling Sabrina's subtle message in her brand name GOYA, to "Get Off Your Ass", reminding women to keep moving.

Fundamentally, that is what Sabrina wants GOYA to be all about. That every successful part of living derives from movement and action, whether it be exploring something new, or making a move in bringing about good change. Indulging movement in the lives of women as a fashion label through her clothing and stitching together an entirely new option that allows you to stretch your limits whether you are a mother, a boss or a fitness enthusiast. Making GOYA the place where you can redefine your wardrobe with clothes that not only looks great, but will never stop you from getting your things done.