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Cheryl Tay Sticky Lash (Adhesive Lash Clusters)

by Cheryl Tay

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Introducing Cheryl Tay's Sticky Lashes – glue-free self-adhesive false lashes which is a game-changer when preparing for events and special occasions. Designed with pre-glued lash bands which can be applied quickly and last the entire day. 

Pick up any two sets to receive the lash tweezer for free!

Key Features:

Innovative Sticky Technology:

Say goodbye to messy glues and cumbersome application tools. Our Sticky Cluster Lashes are self-adhesive so it effortlessly adheres beneath your natural lash with a gentle touch, ensuring a secure hold throughout the day. 

Simply remove the lash cluster from the lash holder with the tweezer and apply it just below your lash line, and you are good to go.

Under Lash Placement

Unlike traditional lashes, our clusters are uniquely designed to be placed under your natural lashes, creating a seamless and natural appearance. This distinctive technique not only enhances your eye shape but also provides a comfortable and weightless feel. 

Curl your natural lashes pre-application to ensure that it sits seamlessly.

Customizable Clusters

Tailor your lash look to perfection! Our Sticky Cluster Lashes come in a variety of cluster sizes, allowing you to create a customized style that suits your eye shape and style preference. 

Natural Lash Cluster comes with long-angled lashes to add extra texture and length to your natural lashes. Choose Natural for subtle enhancement to your eyes.

Barbie Lash Cluster is voluminous with different lengths. Choose Barbie if you are going for a bold, dramatic look.

Long-lasting Comfort

Experience all-day comfort with lashes that stay put. The gentle adhesive ensures a secure fit without compromising the health of your natural lashes. Enjoy a lightweight feel that lets you go about your day with confidence.

Effortless Removal

No more tugging and pulling – our Sticky Lashes are designed for easy removal. Simply peel them off gently, leaving your natural lashes intact and ready for the next application.


Cheryl Tay's Sticky Lashes are reusable, allowing you to enjoy up to 2 uses from a single set. 

Concept to Production

Ladies in As Intended

Co-Created with Real Women and Designed in Singapore.

Our designs are silhouette-sensitive as we fine-tune with our community of women. We take into consideration various body shapes, sizes, and heights. Feel free to chat with us to learn your fit.