Even with the introduction of Phase 3, many of us are still facing a work schedule that is 50 per cent home-based and 50 per cent at the office. As such, knowing how to dress for a work-related video call or important online video conference is posing as a greater issue than many of us would have imagined just a year ago. 

While the new ‘normal’ is having to attend many inevitable Zoom meetings for those of us who are working from home, many of us are still not used to having to transitioning from the bed to the desktop. After all, working from home makes it all that much simpler to justify sweatpants as an acceptable uniform

So how do we strike the balance between still looking professional while keeping the effort to a minimum? Here are some tips on how to look your best for the work-from-home norm!

Why The Need for Formal Clothes?

They say you should dress the part in order to act the part. It is highly critical for you to maintain a version of your office attire even when working from home as your subconscious mind naturally associates putting on formal clothing as automatic ‘work-mode’.

The thing is, your subconscious mind associates putting on formal clothing with going to work and is strongly correlated with confidence and productivity, which is why it’s critical you maintain a version of your office attire even when working from home. 

Compared to spending the day in sweats, dressing professionally helps you raise your own opinion of yourself, leading your behaviour to follow suit.

Dress Down While Still Maintaining A Professional Image

1. Vera Top in Cream

As seen on model: Vera Top in Cream (S$109)

Designed with a wrap-style cut, our stress-free Vera Top in White creates a V-neck silhouette which helps elongate your torso. This is especially important when the bottom half of your body isn’t able to create visual balance in the frame, making the top-half of your body the main event. 

2. Leia Jardigan in Night 

As seen on model: Leia Jardigan in Night (S$169)

Cardigans and lightweight jackets are the new blazer. Instead of putting on a chunky blazer just for that important Zoom meeting, opt for our layering essential, the Leia Jardigan in Night.

The perfect balance of structure and comfort, the Leia Jardigan in Night is designed with subtle shoulder pads to instantly create a polished look while still maintaining comfort. Designed with our Lush Skin Fabric, a luxuriously stretchy technical fabric with moisture-wicking properties, the Leia Jardigan in Night is the most stretchy and comfortable waterfall jacket you will never want to part with.

3. Enva Top in Cream

As seen on model: Enva Top in Cream (S$109)

If you’re working from home, the unofficial consensus would be that it would not be necessary to look quite as formal as you would in person. Your clients and colleagues understand that you’re working from home and understand that there is an element of comfort in the given environment.

As such, a good rule of thumb is to still maintain a professional image by taking things down one level from what you would typically wear in the office.

Casual meets smart with the Enva Top in Cream, a top that can be thrown over any bottom for an elegantly minimal look that is perfect for the work from home situation. 

Designed with overlapping back panels that move easily with you, the Enva Top in Cream helps soften your shoulders with its relaxed-fit and can even be worn back-to-front.

4. Elle Dress 

As seen on model: Elle Dress in Wisteria (S$175)

When deciding on what to wear for video meetings or discussions, it is always the safest bet to select an option where less is more. Due to the circumstances of having to work from home, your clients and colleagues would most likely already have enough outside disturbance to pull their attention away from what you’re saying. 

As such, it is best for you to choose an outfit that comes in solid, subtle colours and a simple, classic silhouette in order not to overshadow the message you’re trying to convey.

Be at the peak of effortless elegance and utmost comfort with the Elle Dress, a body-con fit made from GOYA's Lush Skin Fabric. Designed with gentle pleats across the abdominal area, The Elle Dress smartly sharpens your silhouette. Unlike any other dress, the Elle Dress is also designed with a subtle capped shoulder that softens your look while making a bold statement of its own. 

Besides it’s classic and flattering silhouette, the Elle Dress also comes in several colour variants such as the Elle Dress in Sage, Night, Black and Wisteria - all neutral colours that will consistently register with the camera and ensure you look professional, trustworthy, and experienced.

5. Hair & Makeup 

Remaining clean and simple is key to the perfect Zoom makeup routine. Your features appear differently on a computer screen than they do in person. As such, some concealer and mascara, plus a brush of your hair is all you need to be camera-ready without risking your makeup looking cakey on camera.

Tip: Looking your best will also help you feel your best as your face takes center stage.