For many of us trying to get on that #fitlife, the biggest hurdle may not be the motivation to work out, but rather, the annoyance of having to pack extra clothes in order to change into an office-appropriate outfit after working out. So what’s the solution to this never-ending cycle? Form a capsule wardrobe with streamlined outfits suited for both the gym and the office! Read on for our tips on how to utilise our apparel for the perfect post-workout outfit.

1. The Elle Dress

As seen on model: Elle Dress in Wisteria ($175) 

Made from #GetOffYourAss’s Lush Skin Fabric, this Zip-And-Done dress is perfect for extra sweaty workouts such as yoga. Besides its upgraded accessibility with its Back Zip Fly, the Elle dress also features four-way stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities in order to prevent any ‘damp spots’ from appearing.

With gentle pleats across the abdominal area designed to smartly sharpen your silhouette, the Elle dress enables you to show off your post-workout body unapologetically!

2. The Quin Dress

As seen on model: Quin Dress in Cobalt Blue ($189)

Even after lower-impact workouts such as dance classes or weight-lifting, it’s still easy to get overheated - and there’s nothing worse than feeling sticky right after you’ve rinsed off.

As such, it will be wise to avoid wearing long sleeves or anything that would feel a tad too ‘suffocating’. Instead, turn to more tailored styles such as the Quin Dress to keep you looking crisp and fabulous.

Besides being designed in our sweat-wicking Lush fabric, the Quin Dress is also a well-fitted dress that accentuates your waist - maintaining your professional image while still being functional. The cut-in shoulder design also helps accentuate the length of your arms while two spacious pockets hold your phone and important cards.

3. The Enva Top

As seen on model: Enva Top in Cream ($109)

If you’re someone whose workout routine usually comprises lighter exercises such as light yoga or a brisk walk, your top priorities for a perfect post-workout outfit would probably be packability, efficiency, and comfort. After all, changing out of yoga clothes into something stiff or constraining is no one’s idea of a good time.

Ticking all of these priorities is the Enva Top, a harmony of casual and smart that can be easily thrown over post-workout for an elegantly minimal look that is perfect for both the office and the weekend. 

Designed with our Butter Skin Fabric which features four-way stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities, this accentuating piece softens the shoulders with its relaxed fit and can even be worn back-to-front!

4. The Leia Jardigan

As seen on model: Leia Jardigan in Black ($169)

Short on time? The Leia Jardigan is the perfect 'quick fix' to helping you appear sharper in the case that you’re rushing to a meeting from the gym.

Made with #GetOffYourAss’s Lush Skin, luxuriously stretchy technical fabric with moisture-wicking properties that helps to speed sweat away from the body, the Leia Jardigan can instantly make any outfit appear polished.

Designed with subtle shoulder pads and soft waterfall layers which drapes beautifully in the front, the Leia Jardigan is the perfect balance of structure and comfort. As an added bonus, it even has two small pockets to store cards or keys! 

5. BONUS: Gale Grippy Towel 

As seen in visual: Gale Grippy Towel in Gold ($68)

To make your workouts even more effort-free, we introduce the Gale Grippy Towel, the perfect workout essential. Besides being extremely lightweight and easy to carry, the Gale Grippy Towel is also designed to absorb every drop of sweat to ensure slip-free mat work. 

Inspired by hot Yoga Mat towels, these absorbent towels are perfect for a more hygienic and stylish way to layer atop shared community mats in gyms and studios. Besides being machine-washable, the Gale Grippy Towel also features silicone dots in order to prevent sliding no matter what exercises you perform on it.

Designed to be more grippy the wetter it gets, the Gale Grippy Towel ensures that you don’t slide and risk injury during a sweaty workout. You can even choose to spray a little water on the towel before working out to have an increased grip!