Staying comfortable while you’re at work is a must. It’s hard to focus on what you need to do when you’re distracted by irritating and stiff clothing that keeps you stiff all day. That’s why the fabrics you choose for your workwear are extremely important as they can make a huge difference in terms of comfort, professionalism and efficiency at the office and at home. 

Here we have a ranked guide where we take you through some of the workwear fabrics that are widely available and their pros and cons so that you can make a more informed decision about the kinds of fabrics you should get the next time you go shopping for office wear.

  1. Cotton

A closeup of cotton (Image credits: Kahan Chand Surendra Pal)

First up we have Cotton, which is a fabric you’re likely the most familiar with given that it’s the most common clothing fabric out there, and is made for clothes that suit both casual and professional settings. 

Besides being easy to mass-produce, cotton is popular is because it is very soft and breathable, and the fabric’s stretchability does not restrict movement. Cotton is also an insulating fabric, which can help you to keep cool in our hot weather. It is also completely natural and isn’t manufactured with any chemicals, making it less likely to irritate your skin.

Despite its comforts, cotton ranks low on our list due to its impracticality in the long run. You’re probably familiar with how the clothing is prone to shrinking after you’ve worn and washed it for some time. It also wrinkles easily, and often gets damaged or fades when exposed to too much sunlight and dampness. One of the more inconvenient downsides of cotton clothing is that colours run easily, which result in discolouration of other clothes when washed together. It’s never nice to find that your favourite white top has turned into a different shade overnight, which is why we feel that there are much better alternatives to this fabric when it comes to office wear.


  1. Polyester
Polyester fabric when woven to appear silky (Image Credits: Satutex)

Polyester is a synthetic man-made fabric and is one of the most commonly used fabrics worldwide. While it’s commonly used in athletic wear, it can also be woven to look silk-like, and used for office wear such as blouses.

Some of Polyester’s plus sides include being extremely durable, with an exceptional ability to withstand regular wear and abrasion, which is perfect if your job requires you to move around a lot. It is also a dry-wicking fabric that absorbs moisture and lets it evaporate just as quickly, leaving your clothes dry. Both of these characteristics are what make it a popular fabric for sportswear, but just as useful when you’re at work. It is also incredibly lightweight and resistant to wrinkling and shrinking in the wash. 

On the other hand, some drawbacks of polyester include being less breathable as it is a plastic-based fabric. It also has a rough texture that might be irritating especially if you have sensitive skin, unlike cotton. So while polyester certainly tops cotton in terms of practicality and durability, it does lack when it comes to comfort.

  1. Linen

Though expensive, Linen Fabric is one of the best fabrics out there for clothes and other products (Image Credits: LoveLin)

Linen is a fabric that is made from Flax fibres, and is used to make a variety of everyday objects besides clothing, including curtains, tablecloths, pillows and more. 

Like polyester, Linen is a durable fabric. In fact, the more often it is washed and worn, the softer and smoother the fabric becomes. It also has absorbent properties unlike any other natural fibre out there, and is stain resistant. Compared to cotton and polyester, Linen is definitely a better alternative as it is stronger, has a longer lifetime and dries at a faster rate. It’s also ideal for Singapore’s sunny weather as it has moisture-wicking properties, making it both comfortable and practical. 

That said, Linen does have its shortcomings. When washed with hard water, chemicals and detergents, the fabric tends to lose its texture over time. Linen also wrinkles and creases easily, meaning it might add some extra rush to your morning if you have to iron it before wearing it to work. The easy wrinkling might not do you any favours if you have an important presentation at work, and need to look presentable and neat all day. 


1) GOYA’s Lush Skin Fabric

The Lush Skin Fabric is a breakthrough in fabric design, with quality and comfort like no other.

Coming in at number 1, we introduce As Intended's lush skin fabric, which ticks all the boxes for the working woman. 

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The #getoffyourass lush skin fabric offers you all the benefits of workwear fabrics, with none of the downsides. You’ll know exactly what it means to enjoy the lush experience of premium comfort as you go about your day with soft and breathable office wear. With long-lasting comfort and practicality, our fabrics offer the perfect balance of work and play, making it worth your while.