We are often our own biggest enemy. While we all have dreams and ambitions we wish to achieve, often times, we are unable to achieve their dreams as the majority of us allow our limits to hold us back. As such, it is important to establish your limits and learn how to push through them in order to achieve success. By pushing beyond your limits, you can become everything that you ever wanted to be. Here are some tips that may help you to achieve this.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

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Most of us feel uncomfortable and sometimes even afraid of going past our comfort zone, a limit unconsciously set by our fear of the unknown. When there is an unknown chance of success or failure, we are afraid to move forward. However as wisely said by Neale Donald Walsh, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. 

Instead of staying in your comfort zone where nothing ever changes, research shows that one is more likely to succeed by stepping out of their comfort zone to explore new challenges. By doing things in a different way from what you’re used to and by trying new projects, you would be able to gain experiences that help you see the world and life from another perspective. 

Alas, the only way to overcome our limits is to embrace the unknown. You can’t grow if you stick to the same pattern over and over again. 

2. Tap on your inner strength

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“There are no great people in this world, only great challenges that ordinary people rise to meet.” - William Frederick Halsey. Jr.

Instead of waiting for someone else or something to push you, try to constantly push YOURSELF to greater heights. The first step you can take is to try to embrace greater challenges that you deem you are incapable of. Not pushing past your capability on the norm means getting stuck in your comfort zone where you do not experience any growth. 

Thus, we implore you to continuously make an effort to embrace  challenges that are larger, tougher and more complex than what you are used to. This will help “getting out of the comfort zone” become a norm and get you closer to your dreams.

Recognise that you are a being with untapped inner strength to overcome any obstacles than you can ever imagine. Use that strength and refuse to live a life of stagnation and complacency.

3. Refresh your mindset

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Our mindset and attitude can be our greatest weapon when approaching hurdles in life.  However, our mind can also be dangerously self-critical. For example, whenever we face imminent hardship, the mind instinctively protects us by convincing us to quit when the path gets too challenging. By heeding the negative voices in your mind regularly, you unconsciously restrict yourself from stepping up to challenges, eventually turning yourself into a quitter.

However, as much as the mind can often be overly self-critical, it is also capable of any thought that can help us to accomplish anything we want. What you think is what you become. To achieve your goals, you can train your mind to be more optimistic and open to overcoming personal limits. This can be done by looking up to a role model whose resilience you admire - this could be your parents, mentor or even a movie star!

Visualize yourself following their footsteps every time you face a new challenge and you will find yourself holding on longer every time you feel like giving up.

4. Imagine yourself at the next level and achieve more

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One of the most important values towards overcoming your limits is to stay focused. As mentioned in the tip above, visualization can be a handy tools towards pursuing your ambitions. There are many cases where one often finds themselves lost in their path towards their dream due to the many distractions life throws at us. However, by taking the time to imagine where you want to be by a certain time in the future, you are able to stay motivated in pursuing your plan.

Start of each day by thinking of where you would be if you keep on working on yourself and your goals, and eventually these visualisations will become reality.

5. Define your limits and build momentum to push past them

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Everyone has their own set of weakness, insecurities and personal limits. While we are often encouraged to focus on our strengths instead of our weaknesses, ignoring what we lack is not going to make it go away. Instead, it is important to be aware of your weaknesses in order face them head on and transform them by turning them into strengths or eliminate them completely.

Building momentum and continuously working on your goals, whether big or small, is also important towards achieving success. Often times, if you have a great goal or dream, it may be hard to have a clear path towards said goals. The fear of an unknown future may cause you to lose motivation and incite you to give up on your ambitions.

As such, it is essential to have a clear list of checkpoints or milestones for you gauge your progress towards your dreams. A strict timeline and a strong support system such as your family or friends can also keep you focused. As such, work to establish a clear plan of action for the next step and make it a point to follow up on it. This will eventually help you to gradually overcome your limits and achieve your goals.