Have you ever been slowed down by uncomfortable, non-stretch skirts, or spent more time than you should struggling to decide on an outfit for the day? If you’re a working woman, you’ve probably dealt with all these frustrating inconveniences and more, and we know because we’ve had to deal with them too. 

In a world where we’re expected to be efficient and present ourselves well, it’s painfully ironic that the way office wear is designed limits us from being at our best. Which is why we at As Intended have strived to change this with our specially designed pieces that are catered to the woman on the go. 

With that, here are 4 ways that our pieces fix your everyday struggles, ensuring that you can have it all as you strive for the best in your professional and personal lives!


Versatile Design

As showcased in our She Can Do Both campaign, our pieces stretch the limits of workleisure clothing.


We pride ourselves in the versatility of our pieces. Working closely with a local fashion designer, we put out all the stops to ensure that our pieces give their wearers a sleek and trendy look, suitable for both the office and the gym. 

Taking inspiration from aesthetics of athleisure, our elegant silhouettes are designed to look smart and polished, while retaining a sense of originality which sets us apart from other workleisure brands out there. With these, you no longer need to spend your precious time contemplating what to wear, as the effortless versatility of our pieces allow you to mix-and-match with anything in your wardrobe, ensuring that you can look flawless and trendy with minimal effort.


Comfort on the Go

Experience true comfort and flexibility with our Inea Pants in Black ($159).


Our garments were crafted based on the needs and limitations professional women face from their wardrobe, resulting in the blend of high-quality blend of fabrics that you can see today. 

One key characteristic of the -ai. fabric is our four-way stretch, through which you can experience peak comfort and wearability as you go about your day, thanks to the elastane which provides incredible flexibility. And that’s not all! Besides this, our fabrics provide a dry comfort which can last you the whole day thanks to its breathability and moisture-wicking properties.  

The exceptional stretchability and wearability of our pieces are also ideal for those pre or post work gym sessions. Ultimately, whether work or play, you no longer need to worry about ripping your clothes, and can experience true freedom and efficiency thanks to our pieces which help you stay comfortable on the go.



The Quin Dress in Black ($189) is one of As Intended's pieces which feature pockets.


If there’s one thing we women have been saying for ages, it’s that we need pockets in our everyday workwear, which is why we delivered.

Some of our pieces include smart pockets which blend seamlessly into the silhouettes which provide you with much needed accessibility and convenience while remaining stylish. What’s more, our clothes are machine washable and made for easy care, ensuring that you spend less time at the laundry and more time focused on what’s really important. 

Leading a fast-paced lifestyle consists of juggling work, home and personal needs, and most of the time, something’s got to give if we want to maintain these lifestyles. But what if there was a way to continue looking good while making your life much easier? Thanks to the designs of our pieces, they allow for quick changes from the gym to work and vice versa, meaning that you can get the exercise you need while minimising stress and time wasted. 



No matter what your taste is, every woman deserves a chance to experience feeling free and beautiful in her own skin.


Last but not least, we have a wide range of pieces to have you covered for all occasions. From elegant tops, pants, dresses and skirts that come in various sizes and colours, we give you the space to express yourself effortlessly. 

Never again will you have to worry about running out of options, as our pieces can be easily paired with anything from your own wardrobe while pulling off a stunning look. 

When it comes to As Intended's workwear, there’s something for everyone. Get shopping today, and you too can break free from your everyday struggles and embrace the new you.