Unless you’re a born natural, giving presentations is often a bag of nerves for everyone. While most individuals would choose death over giving a presentation, the ability to present is a powerful tool in business and in life. So, how do you dress to impress and overcome that weird fluttery feeling you get in your stomach before you present?

“It has long been known that clothing affects how other people perceive us, as well as how we think about ourselves”, Adam Galinsky, one of the foremost researchers on enclothed cognition, has said. By dressing to impress, we would feel more comfortable in our own skin, enabling us to feel more confident and hence improving our performance on tasks.

Looking smart and sophisticated at work every day is a piece of cake when you play the game right. We make life a little easier for you by giving you a guide on how to dress your best in order to feel and perform your best every day, all day.

Put On Your Power


When your style and clothes reflect and affect your mood and confidence,  looking smart will help you feel ready to take on anything at work. Wearing clothes that play to your body shape is a great step towards feeling more confident and comfortable in your own skin. 

With its body-con fit, our Elle Dress empowers you to be at the peak of effortless elegance and comfort. Made from #GetOffYourAss Collection’s breathable Lush Skin Fabric, the Elle dress not only features four-way stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities, but the gentle pleats across the abdominal area are also designed to sharpen your silhouette. 

Unlike any other dress on the market, the Elle dress is also designed with a subtle capped shoulder that softens your look while making a bold statement of its own. 

Available in Sage, Night, Black and Wisteria, the Elle Dress comes in a plethora of colours to suit any skin tone! (Pro Tip: Cool tones are great if you’re fair-skinned and have light hair)

Less is More


They say simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. With separates or accessories that are paired well, you can easily make a statement with effortless minimalist pieces. If you’re a minimalist at heart and hate scrambling in the morning over what to wear, our Enva Top is the perfect balance of casual and smart.

Designed with overlapping back panels, the Enva Tops allows you to make a statement without doing much with its unique enveloping design. Pair the Enva Top with gold accessories and chic separates such as our Soph Skirt in Red or Inea Pants in Black, and you’re good to go with an elegantly minimal look perfect for both the office and the weekend.

Made from Butter Skin Fabric which features four-way stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities, this piece not only helps to soften your shoulders with its relaxed-fit but can also be worn back-to-front.

The Enva Top is available in Cream and Black.

‘Wearing the Pants’ in The Office


Often used as a phrase for describing the female as the more dominant party in a relationship, why not ‘wear the pants’ in the office too? If you often feel intimidated at work, a good pair of pants can have a very magical way of making you feel like you are running the show.

Naturally associated with high-powered women, pants are often seen worn on female bosses and can therefore make you feel empowered and capable of anything when wearing them. 

A modern high-waisted piece with a slim-fit cut, the Inea Pants are designed to help accentuate your waist and make your legs appear super long.

For a splash of boldness, the linear mesh strip down the side keeps you looking sleek while in ventilated comforted throughout the day.

The Inea Pants are available in Slate and Black.

Have a Wardrobe of High-Quality Basics

GOYA Leia Jardigan


A stylish jacket is a layering essential that can be a great investment piece for your wardrobe. Classic and versatile, jackets can give your outfit a refined quality that can immediately boost your confidence. 

The perfect balance of structure and comfort, our Leia Jardigan is designed with subtle shoulder pads that create a polished look for any office. Sitting just below the hip, this waterfall jacket is accentuated with soft layers that drape beautifully in the front - helping to create the image of a slightly nipped waist that makes you look sharp and smart.

Made with our Lush Skin fabric - a luxuriously stretchy technical fabric with moisture-wicking properties that helps to speed sweat away from the body, this jacket can be worn even as you head out of the office and into the sun due to the moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry. 

As an added bonus, the Leia Jardigan also comes with two small pockets to store cards or keys! 

The Leia Jardigan is available in Night and Black.

GOYA Vera Top


High-quality basics are essential in maintaining a functional capsule wardrobe for work.  Our Vera Top is a timeless piece that will always be office-appropriate no matter the occasion. Pair it with GOYA’s Soph Skirt or Inea Pants, and you’re good to go for that important meeting.

Made with #GetOffYourAss Collection's Satin Skin, a luxuriously stretchy technical fabric with moisture-wicking properties that helps to speed sweat away from the body, our Vera Top is a versatile top that can help you easily transition from your gym and office life. (Pro Tip: Style the wrap style top with any of the wrap-style skirts for a perfect combination)

The Vera Top is available in Black and Cream.