Kyla Tan stands out with her remarkable blend of intelligence and grace. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) and representing Singapore in Miss International 2010, she exemplifies a commitment to embracing diverse experiences.

Outside of work, Kyla dedicates her time to assist with the Singapore Women's Association, mentoring aspiring queens and finalists, and actively engages in volunteer missions.

In this interview, Kyla delves into her extensive background spanning both the private and non-profit sectors, offering valuable insights. She emphasises the importance of fostering inclusivity in her everyday interactions. Through this inclusive approach, she cultivates a culture of curiosity, empowering both women and businesses alike.

Kyla Tan wearing As Intended's workleisure clothes to chat about International Women's Day 2024 #inspireinclusion

On Successful Communication:

I've experienced my fair share of "awkward outsider" moments, from being overlooked in meetings to facing hastily drawn labels and struggling to find my place in social circles. These instances could be hostile and often unpleasant. Initially, they made me feel overly anxious, leading to self-withdrawal or inhibiting my full expression of views. Understanding and learning to encourage inclusion has equipped me to navigate such environments more effectively.

In my branding agency, I now prioritise open communication, active listening, and the creation of opportunities for diverse voices to be heard. In our workshops, I encourage round-robin thought-sharing, and start every workshop with a welcome for everyone to share their thoughts, emphasising that there are no right or wrong answers. I encourage a culture of curiosity, particularly about what we do not know.

By creating a safe environment where every voice is valued, ensuring that people feel not only understood, but also actively involved in shaping their brand identity, whether in a business or personal context. By going beyond surface-level interactions, and delving into the core of our client’s needs, we start to unveil authentic narratives that resonate deeply with their audiences. 

Inclusivity is not merely a nice-to-have; it's essential for building a safe environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, and productivity. When people feel included and secure, they bring their full selves to the table, leading to richer ideas and stronger connections in both work and life. 

Kyla Tan wearing As Intended's workleisure clothes to chat about International Women's Day 2024 #inspireinclusion


More than the Glitz and Glamour:

Since I represented Singapore in Miss International 2010, a Japan-based international major beauty pageant organised by the International Culture Association, I am truly heartened that pageantry is so much more than the glitz and glamour. Over the past 14 years, I have worked closely with the Singapore Women’s Association (SWA), to support their various volunteer missions and projects.

One volunteer mission that left a lasting impression was organising a youth expedition program to Nepal. There, we staged an immersive theatrical performance titled “Broken Stars”, which shared the hopes and dreams of Prisoners’ Children. It was a truly humbling experience to witness the collective effort and creativity that went into bringing this unique show to life.

Prisoner’s Children are innocent children who are confined with their incarcerated mothers. Prisoners Assistance (PA) Nepal fights for the kids to live out of prison and provide shelter and education for them. Through this mission, I was inspired to a future where inclusion isn't just a goal, but a way of life, transforming communities and shaping a more compassionate world for generations to come.

Kyla Tan wearing As Intended's workleisure to chat about International Women's Day 2024 #inspireinclusion


Women Empowerment beyond the Stage:

Growing up as a quirky child in a traditional Asian household, my fascination with style and beauty blossomed when I stepped into the world of modelling and beauty pageants. Following my title reign, I remained deeply involved with the Singapore Women's Association (SWA). In the past 14 years, I’ve dedicated myself to training and transforming young aspiring queens into female leaders of tomorrow.

Partnering with SWA, we honed the leadership training program to impart skills extending beyond the confines of pageantry. In addition to hard skills, such as grooming, etiquette and wardrobe management, we also nurtured soft skills like confidence for public speaking and honing stage presence and presentation. 

After a decade, I was inspired to take a step further, by offering this approach to everyday clientele seeking transformation and increased confidence through their outlook. Unlike typical styling sessions, I encourage diverse views and approaches. The supportive environment allows participants to share their stories and struggles, contributing unique solutions that have proven effective. It's truly inspiring to see the positive impact on women’s personal growth and confidence.

Kyla Tan wearing As Intended's workleisure clothes to chat about International Women's Day 2024 #inspireinclusion


Styling as Form of Self-Care:

More than just determining one’s style, I feel that a styling session is really a form of self-care - where one nurtures their authentic self and leveraging individual strengths.

In a recent styling consultation, one of my clients, let’s call her Emma, expressed uncertainty about her fashion choices and often felt overwhelmed by her wardrobe. Together, we defined her personal style, implemented capsule wardrobe techniques, and focused on building her confidence. This not only resulted in Emma receiving compliments on her style but also boosted her overall confidence, positively impacting various aspects of her life.

Through intentional styling, Emma's journey underscores the transformative power of aligning clothing choices with personal and professional goals, helping individuals look great and feel empowered every day.

The sessions involve a process of self-reflection and intentional communication, encouraging women to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate diverse perspectives in their everyday lives.


Kyla’s Style

For important or special events, preparation is key—I’d plan ahead with a couple of outfit options to suit the occasion. My wardrobe is a mix of 80% timeless classics and 20% playful statements, keeping it versatile and ensuring I always feel confident and authentic, no matter the setting. Who says style can't be both strategic and fun?


*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Photos c/o Augustine Yuen


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