Saranya Chyenne serves as a source of inspiration in her dual roles as an educator and fitness coach. Her unwavering commitment to nurturing inclusivity and warmth is evident both in the classroom and the gym, where she empowers both children and women, fostering confidence and growth.

Outside of work, Chyenne enjoys giving back to the community and often volunteers and is a befriender at the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). She spends most of her free time with a little one who is under foster care.

Here, Chyenne shares with us her personal experiences being raised in a single parent home, and living in children’s homes that guided her values in inclusion and going the extra mile to assist others in need in her working and personal life. 

Saranya Chyenne, Educator and Fitness Coach, wearing As Intended for International Women's Day 2024 #Inspireinclusion


On My Childhood:

Growing up without a mother, my siblings and I were raised solely by our father, who faced numerous hardships. During difficult times, we found ourselves in children's homes like Gracehaven and Chen Su Lan for several years, where the care and support of staff and social workers provided solace. Despite the absence of familial support, my father's determination ensured our well-being and eventual stability. Witnessing his resilience and the kindness of those who helped us inspired a commitment within me to assist others facing similar challenges, particularly children and single-parent families, as a way of paying forward the blessings I've received.

Reflecting on my upbringing, I made a personal vow to extend a helping hand to those in need. It’s always important to put ourselves in the shoes of others and help if we are able to. We never know the kind of difference we can make in their lives especially when they are at their wits end. We should be the reason why people continue to have hope and faith and we should always do it without expecting anything in return. 

I have always wanted to give back at least once a year if I had the means to. It was my way of showing my appreciation and gratitude for the assistance I received as a child. My personal experiences have also played a huge role in shaping my approach as an educator, fitness instructor, and the charities I involve in.

Saranya Chyenne, Educator and Fitness Coach, on fundraising as an individual wearing As Intended for International Women's Day 2024 #Inspireinclusion


On Fundraising as an Individual:

I knew of a young single mother of three children under the age of six who was struggling to provide for her children's basic needs, unable to afford necessities like milk or nutritious food and lacking support from her family. When I reached out to her, she tearfully expressed her feelings of helplessness. She was a mother who wanted to end her life because she was feeling lost and at her wits end.

I initiated a fundraising campaign for young single mothers with the aid of my social media followers and friends. Contributions poured in, ranging from children's clothes, toys, and books to essential food items and monetary donations, all aimed at assisting children from less privileged backgrounds, particularly those from single-parent households. 

The impact of this collective effort extended beyond material assistance. What she received brought her newfound hope and alleviated some of her worries, reassuring her that she wasn't alone in her struggles. With our campaign, she regained the strength to pursue employment opportunities, determined to provide the best for her children. I’m thankful that she didn’t give up till today and her children are doing better.

While the fundraising was challenging, the unwavering support of friends who assisted with transportation proved invaluable. Together, we spent entire days delivering donations to households across Singapore, transforming my home into a makeshift storage space for the generous contributions received. Gratitude filled my heart as strangers, moved by compassion, donated items their own children no longer needed, with some even offering financial support. Their generosity ensured the success of the campaign, reaffirming the power of community and collective action in creating positive change. Witnessing the outpouring of support from both known acquaintances and complete strangers reaffirmed my belief in the inherent goodness of humanity. 

Saranya Chyenne, Educator and Fitness Coach, wearing As Intended for International Women's Day 2024 #InspireinclusionSHOP CHYENNE'S TOP  SHOP CHYENNE'S PANTS

On Advocating for Inclusion in a Classroom:

When I first started, I noticed children weren't receiving fair treatment based on their abilities. Some children require extra attention, and rather than isolating or treating them differently, I  encourage students to include everyone in their play or group work regardless of differences. 

To include children with Autism in a larger group setting, I prepared lessons in advance and modified them to meet the different needs and abilities of my class. I was so happy to see that these modifications have allowed children of varying abilities to progress at their own pace while enhancing their social and interaction skills.

As an educator, I find it essential to show support and respect by treating them equally and providing relevant support tailored to their needs. I've seen the negative impact of children in environments that lacked inclusion, and witnessed how it affects their self-esteem. These experiences have fueled my commitment to promote inclusion in all aspects of my work.

I believe that without inclusivity, there would be a lack of creativity and perspectives. Inclusivity helps to bring people from diverse backgrounds together, enabling them to share their knowledge, hence enhancing problem-solving during difficult situations. 

Saranya Chyenne, Educator and Fitness Coach, wearing As Intended for International Women's Day 2024 #InspireinclusionSHOP CHYENNE'S DRESS

On Empowering Women through Fitness:

My client used to be someone who would always ask/check if anyone else is using the gym during the timing she would like to come in. She would also request for her pictures/videos not to be posted and would never post about her fitness journey online. She would always wear loose t-shirts and long tights as she didn’t feel confident in tight clothings.

However, after a couple of months, she noticed her body was changing and started to see some results! That was when everything changed. She wouldn’t really bother if anyone else was in the gym and I saw her coming for the sessions in a sports bra and shorts/tighter clothings. She started to be more confident of her body and would even ask for her videos/pictures taken so that she could post them on her social media, sharing about her fitness journey and progress!

I never give up on my clients. I check in on them on a daily basis to help them keep track of their diet and workouts. I would even show them a picture of myself before I started my own fitness journey to encourage them and let them know that it was possible as long as the work is consistent and done.

I treat each client like a friend so that they would feel comfortable and trust me enough with their fitness journey. I’m really proud that they never gave up, and have been on their fitness journey till today. And the best transformation is when they start to care less about what others would think and do best for themselves!

Chyenne’s Style

I am a fan of activewear or anything that is of that material because it would allow me to move around comfortably while attending to the needs of my students. We should also always opt for versatile, timeless pieces that would allow us to transition from one task to another. A minimalist wardrobe with mix-and-match items also helps maintain a polished look while accommodating my busy lifestyle.

*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Photos c/o Augustine Yuen


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