When it comes to colours, there has been a real polarisation in the fashion industry. On one hand, you have bold, primary colours, including Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2020, Classic Blue. However, on the flip side, you'll find the muted tones of nu-minimalism.

With such a wide spectrum of shades and hues to choose from, how do you know which colour suits you the best? Fret not, as this guide would take you through shades from the #GetOffYourAss collection for a fun yet functional capsule wardrobe.

1. Elle Dress in Sage

Elle Dress in Sage ($175)

Undoubtedly the trendiest shade of the year, Sage Green is a part of the increasing trend of muted shades in nu-minimalism. Besides suiting all skin tones, the muted beauty of our Elle Dress in Sage offers a subtle sophistication while keeping your image chic. 

The muted colour of the Elle Dress in Shade also allows it to act as a neutral and versatile piece in your wardrobe. This means you can pair the dress with most accessories, makeup looks or hair and the outcome will be spectacular.

If you prefer a softer and more neutral look, you could try pairing our Elle Dress in Sage with chocolate brown, black, grey or nude accessories such as a pair of classic boots or a bag. For an ultra-chic look, you could add a splash of boldness with a Fuschia, burnt orange or red lip! These colours lend a bold but sophisticated appeal when paired with Sage.

2. Elle dress in Wisteria 

Elle Dress in Wisteria ($175)

Another shade highlighted as part of the trend of nu-minimalism, Pink is a colour that is most associated with femininity and love. 

While vivid colours usually get all the attention, there is a subtle beauty in muted shades. The Elle Dress in Wisteria comes in a beautiful mauve-pink shade, a colour that highlights notions of tenderness, passion and playfulness.

Besides coming in a sweet and refreshing mauve pink shade that flatters just about every skin tone, the Elle Dress in Wisteria also brings a sense of femininity to your outfits at work.

Pair it with a fabulous sun-kissed or maroon jewel-toned hair makeover by Blow + Bar, and you are ready to turn your work outfit into an outfit suited for an evening date!

3. Elle dress in Night 

Who said Grey has to be boring? Instead, our Elle Dress in Night is a versatile shade that provides a softer alternative to black. As an in-between shade between muted grey and blue, our Elle Dress in Night flatters most skin tones.
Often misunderstood as a more ‘mature’ colour choice, grey tones can actually be sexy and sophisticated. While often associated with workwear, you can try pairing the Elle Dress in Night with soft pink accessories or makeup for a more romantic look.

4. Elle dress in Black

Elle Dress in Black ($175)

Black is one of the most faultless shades in fashion. It goes with everything and can be classic, chic or even seductive depending on the way you style the shade. 

With the body-con fit of our Elle Dress, the Elle Dress in Black offers an upgraded silhouette due to the slimming effects of the Black shade.

For a bold yet elegant look, we suggest pairing our Elle Dress in Black with classic gold accessories and a coloured hair transformation by Blow + Bar for a splash of fun!

5. Quin Dress in Almond

Quin Dress in Almond ($189)

For a softer alternative to the classic shades of black, grey and navy that can sometimes seem ‘too formal’, our Quin Dress in Almond comes in a versatile cream shade that can easily transition into your work wardrobe regardless of the occasion. 

For a full tonal look, you can pair the Quin Dress in Almond with dark coloured accessories such as a chic pair of black cowboy boots or you could also accessorize with rose gold jewellery to easily transform your ‘work-fit’ to an outfit fit for an evening of drinks with friends.

6. Quin Dress in Cobalt Blue

Quin Dress in Cobalt Blue ($189)

A bold contrast from the muted tones highlighted in nu-minimalism, o

While our Quin Dress in Cobalt Blue already stands on its own very well, pairing it with simple accessories with varying shades of pastel blue could make for a strong monochromatic look. For an upgraded look, you could also try pairing the Quin Dress in Cobalt Blue with a classic red lip for an elegant yet bold look.

Note: This article was done in collaboration with Blow + Bar in celebration of International Women’s Day 2021.